How to Install an In-Ground Basketball Pole with Concrete

Father and son playing basketball

Installing your own in-ground basketball goal will give you endless opportunities to practice and improve your basketball skills. Setting the pole in concrete will ensure a stable goal for years to come. While it can be a moderately challenging task, installing a basketball pole in the ground can be completed in a few straightforward steps.

Choose the future location of the basketball pole, ensuring it is right next to a level playing surface and is clear of any obstacles. Mark the spot for your hole.

Dig your hole to the desired depth and width using a shovel and a post hole digger. Each specific basketball pole has a suggested ground depth to ensure a secure anchor. The hole should be wider than the pole on all sides to accommodate the concrete.

Slide the pole into the hole.

Secure the pole in place using rope and stakes. Tie one end of the rope to the stakes and pull the rope tight around the pole. The stakes should mark the corners of a square around the pole to create equal tension in every direction.

Use your level to ensure the pole is perfectly vertical in every direction. Adjust the ropes as needed until the pole is straight up and down.

Pour the concrete in the wheelbarrow and add the recommended amount of water.

Use a shovel to thoroughly mix the concrete.

Pour the concrete into the hole around the pole. Use your shovel to further agitate the concrete and ensure there are no air bubbles. The concrete should reach the top of the hole. If it doesn't, mix more.

Use your shovel to smooth out the concrete on top as much as possible.

Use your level to double-check the pole after pouring the concrete to make sure it is still straight up and down.

Allow the concrete to cure 24 hours before removing the ropes from the pole.


Check with the proper authorities before digging to ensure there are no utility lines below the surface. This can be done by calling 811. Place rebar inside the hole after pouring in the concrete to reinforce your pole anchor.