Can You Change Weights in Scotty Cameron Putters?

Golfers who own Scotty Cameron putters can send them to the company’s custom shop to receive a variety of services.

For example, weight can be added to or removed from the club head of most of the company’s putters. Unlike most adjustable clubs, however, Scotty Cameron putters are not designed to allow players to change the weights themselves.

Scotty Cameron

Scotty Cameron is one of golf’s most respected putter designers. He began as a professional designer in 1986 and started his own company in 1992.

Cameron sold putter designs to several companies before Bernard Langer won the 1993 Masters with one of his putters. The following year, Cameron began a partnership with Titleist. Since then, Cameron has designed everything from off-the-shelf retail putters to custom-made putters for the top PGA Tour pros, including Tiger Woods, who used a Cameron putter in all 14 of the major tournaments he has won as of the date of publication.

Adjusting a Putter’s Weight

Adding or subtracting weight from a putter’s club head changes the club’s swing weight, which is a measure of the club’s weight and how it is distributed throughout the club. Cameron says that a player shouldn’t change a putter’s swing weight so drastically that the alteration “changes the rhythm and timing of your transition stroke from the backswing to the forward swing.” The proper swing weight of a putter largely depends on what feels right to the individual, according to

Weight Changes

As of 2012, weights ranging from 5 to 30 grams may be added to or subtracted from most Scotty Cameron putters.

Typical adjustments include making the club head 10 grams lighter or heavier, or making the club head extra heavy by adding 20 grams. But the company will not install different weights in the heel and the toe, even though some golfers prefer an unbalanced configuration to try to cure a putting defect.

Leaving the Work to the Pros

Cameron prefers to have his custom shop change the weights in his putters because he feels the job should be performed by professionals.

He says that if he sold repair kits with which consumers could change the putter weights themselves, there is a risk the putter would no longer perform to its maximum capability. “I just really want to get it right,” he says.

Other Custom Services

In addition to adding or subtracting weight, Cameron’s custom shop can personalize your putter by engraving your initials, or a stamp, into the club. You may also have a new shaft installed, have your current shaft lengthened or shortened, have a new grip installed, or adjust the club’s lie or loft angle.