Can Ping Reshaft My Putter?

PING manufactures a full line of men’s and women’s golf clubs, as well as golf apparel, golf bags and on-course accessories. But the company began by selling putters designed and built by Karsten Solheim.

Indeed, the company’s name comes from the distinctive sound of one of Solheim’s putters striking a golf ball. The company also has a repair department, so if you want to reshaft your PING putter, the company can likely do the job.

Retail Shop or Repair Department

The easiest way to find out if PING can reshaft your putter is to take it to a local PING retailer. Alternatively, you can ship the club to PING’s repair department.

If you ship the club you must use the repair form offered on the company’s website (see the References section). You must include the serial number of your putter, its current specifications and the changes you’re requesting.

After a repair person inspects the club you will be contacted and given the service charge. PING has repair centers in the United States, Canada and England, the latter of which serves all of Europe.


PING will not reshaft a putter made by another company. It also won’t reshaft a putter if it determines the putter is counterfeit, or if the serial numbers have been removed or changed.

PING may not be able to work on your putter if it’s previously been repaired by a non-PING service person. For certain repairs PING considers risky, the company may require you to sign a form that releases the company of all responsibility for anything that occurs as a result of the repair. By signing the release, the club owner also acknowledges that if the club is proved to be a counterfeit PING may destroy the club without compensating the owner.

Other Repairs

Aside from reshafting work, PING can also regrip your putter. Other possible repairs include replacing the hosel, changing a club’s loft or lie angle, lengthening or shortening the shaft and repairing damage or club defects.

Why Clubs are Reshafted

It’s much more common for golfers to reshaft irons or wedges than putters. As a player’s swing evolves over time, for example, he may wish to make his club more or less flexible. Golfers also may want to change their club shafts from steel to graphite, or vice versa. Putters are a different story. The putter is a very personal club. It's important that it feels just right in your hands. If you’ve purchased or inherited someone else’s putter, for example, you may prefer to have the putter adjusted to your favorite specifications.