How to Maintain Forward Tilt in a Golf Swing

Maintaining a forward tilt in your golf swing can help keep scores low and improve your ball-striking accuracy. It will result in a more stable backswing and downswing, enabling you to strike the ball with strong, steady momentum while keeping the club face squared with the target.

  1. Keep your back straight, but bend slightly over the ball at the hips and flex your knees. This will result in a forward-tilting spine. The angle should feel comfortable, with your arms relaxed and hanging at the club grip, according to golf analyst and instructor Peter Kostis in a article.

  1. Envision your forehead against a wall, suggests Kostis, and keep it in that position, neither pressing it nor moving it away. Moving your head will compromise the alignment of your spine.

  1. Control your arms.

  2. Let your lead arm cross over your chest on the backswing. Raising your arms too high at the top of the backswing will cause your angle to straighten, resulting in a less than solid ball strike.