How to Remove a Golf Grip With an Air Compressor

If you’re removing an old, worn out or damaged grip from a golf club, cutting it off is an easy option.

But if you wish to save and reuse the grip – or perhaps you just don’t want to wield a knife around the club’s shaft – you can literally blow the grip off the club, using an air compressor. The grip will slide off easily and be available for reuse.

  1. Place the club in a vise with a rubber insert to avoid damaging the shaft.

  2. This is particularly important if the club has a graphite shaft. Special golf club vises are available from golf retailers and pro shops.

  1. Put a sleeve around the shaft. You can use the plastic sleeve that sometimes comes in a golf bag to help organize your clubs, or the cardboard insert from a roll of paper towels. Leave about 2 inches of space between the top end of the sleeve and the butt end of the grip.

      1. Pull the air compressor’s trigger, while simultaneously twisting the grip forward and back on the shaft. The grip will begin to loosen as the air from the compressor fills the inside of the shaft and forces the grip to expand.