How to Remove a Golf Shaft From the Head

The need to reshaft golf clubs is common.

It is sometimes necessary to have a professional tackle a complete reshaft job; however, it can make his job easier if you eliminate a step in the process. Removing a golf shaft from the head is fairly simple; however, it must be done carefully and properly.

  1. Remove the ferrule. The ferrule is the small plastic band that sits just above the hosel.

  2. With a utility knife or box cutter, cut a vertical slit in the ferrule. Using a flathead screwdriver or pliers, pry the ferrule from the shaft and discard it.

  1. Place the club in a vise to position it for shaft removal. The club should lie horizontally.

  2. Make sure the vise grips the shaft securely to prevent it from slipping out. Expose the length of the head and about 8 inches of shaft.

  1. Heat the glue inside the hosel. The hosel is the area where the shaft fits into the clubhead. Light your propane torch and apply heat to the underside of the hosel. This will melt the glue.

  2. As you apply heat, grab the clubhead and gently turn it to begin working it out. Avoid cranking with too much force. The shaft could break off inside the hosel. Work the head free carefully and gradually until it comes off.

  1. Clean excess glue out of the hosel to make a comfortable fit for the new shaft. This can be done by rolling up a piece of sandpaper so it fits inside the hosel.

  2. Twist it to remove loose glue. A small amount of mineral spirits will help clean out the area.