How Do I Use a Chipper Club In Golf?

When you hit a shot and it winds up in the rough or short grass a few feet off the green, there is one club that might help you save a few strokes. The chipper is a wedge-shaped club with a short shaft and angled face that sends the ball on an upward trajectory when struck with a putting stroke.

If used properly, a chipper improves your game and lowers your score by getting it onto the green and close to the hole with one shot. Master this club to save precious strokes from a really tight spot.

  1. Use a relaxed grip as you normally would for a putt, or even hold it exactly as you would your putter.

  2. Don't overgrip the club or hold it too tightly. The club should feel comfortable in your hands.

  1. Take your stance close to the ball with feet spread apart. Rest about three-quarters of your weight on your lead foot, the one closest to the green.

  1. Take the club back, then draw it straight through the ball in a downward arcing swing, accelerating as you complete the shot.

  2. Concentrate on driving the chipper through the ball, and let the angled face give the ball elevation. Do not try to lift the ball; this is called a "scoop" and results in a poor shot.

  1. Repeat these steps many times during practice to perfect the chip shot.

  2. Focus on hitting through the ball to get it airborne but keeping it low. Get a feel for the distance and elevation of your chipper.