Golf Tips: Toe Shots

Many golfers are plagued by the frequent mis-hitting of shots, which sacrifices both distance and accuracy.

They often hit the golf ball with the toe of the club; and no matter what they may try, they continue making this mistake. If you are one of these unfortunate people, take heart because there are a few things you can do to hit the ball on the so-called “sweet spot.” The result will be longer shots and lower scores.

  1. Stay steady throughout your swing.

  2. Very often you may sway when you take the club back but you do not sway quite as much on the downswing, so the golf club will be misaligned at the point of impact. In most cases the club moves inside the ball, which results in hitting the shot on the toe.

  1. Make corrections if you are hitting the ball with an out-to-in swing.

  2. The chances are good that the club head is well behind the ball, causing you to toe the shot.

  3. Take the club more to the inside on your back swing and swing out on your follow-through, shifting your weight slightly before you begin your downswing. And above all, hit the shot with a firm side that's closer to the target.

  1. Make necessary changes to the position of your club head. Take the club back to a point where your club and arms are about parallel with the ground.

  2. At that point, your club head should point upwards.

  3. Then do the same thing in reverse by swinging the club through the hitting area to a point where your arms and club are again parallel with the ground.

  4. Once again, your club head should be pointing straight up. Keep those positions in mind and it should help you hit the ball more on the sweet spot.

  1. Practice makes perfect. Buy a bucket of balls at the driving range. Take your normal address with a ball on a tee, take the club back about halfway with only your arms, slowly take the club through the hitting area, and then stop after hitting the ball. Make sure that the ball is hit on the sweet spot.

  2. Do this several times until you've trained your muscles to hit the ball correctly. Then take your normal swing, and you should begin hitting the ball with more authority.