How to Use a Hybrid Chipper

The chip shot – a shot from just off the green – is one of golf’s most common strokes. The object is to get the ball as close to the pin as possible, ideally close enough to hole the ball with one putt. But there’s no single club that’s designated as a “chipper.” If you’re chipping from deep rough or you must clear a large obstacle in front of the green, you’ll likely use a lofted wedge.

If you have a good lie and plenty of green between your ball and the hole, a long iron can be a good choice. In many cases, however, a hybrid club can turn a chip into, essentially, a long putt.

    1. Consider the distance to the hole, the green’s break and whether the ball must clear any obstacles to reach the green. A hybrid isn’t a good choice if you must clear a large obstacle, but the ball will pop into the air over a smaller obstacle, or over the edge of the green.

    1. Hit the ball as you would a long putt, with your standard putting stroke. But remember that the club’s loft will lift the ball in the air for a few yards, depending on how hard you strike it. So don’t hit the ball quite as hard as you would a putt of a comparable distance.