How to Perform Late Release in the Golf Swing

The left arm should be straight at the top of the backswing.

Many amateur golfers release the club too early in the swing. As golfers swing back they create an angle between the club shaft and the left arm (for right-handed golfers). This angle between the club and left arm is what is released during the downswing. Releasing the club too early in the downswing can cause a loss of distance, poor contact and lack of accuracy.

To release the club later in the downswing, you need the proper grip, wrist hinge, arm position and hip turn. If you make these changes, you can gain distance, accuracy and better contact.

Swing the club back and keep your left arm straight but don't lock your elbow. When you are halfway back in the backswing, your wrists should start hinging naturally. You should have a relatively straight left arm and a 90-degree angle between your left arm and the club at the top of your backswing.