How to Remove Rust From Iron Shafts

When a golf club's iron shaft develops rust, this issue doesn't mean the club is no longer worth keeping. It does mean, however, that the problem requires your immediate attention. Because rust spreads over time, address the situation quickly to restore the club to its original appearance. If your clubs are rusting frequently, examine how you use and store them and change your habits to avoid future rust buildup.

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Dampen a rag and rub the club shaft anywhere that rust has formed. The rag will remove loose, flaked rust to help you see how much rust is sticking to the shaft.

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Pour some vinegar on a rag and rub the rag against the rust. The acidic nature of the vinegar will remove much of the rust. If necessary, leave the vinegar-soaked rag on the rusted shaft for several minutes to allow the vinegar to permeate the rust.

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Rub any remaining rust with fine steel wool. Ensure that the steel wool only comes into contact with the rust. If you rub the steel shaft of your clubs, they will scratch easily.

To prevent rust from forming on your clubs, always wipe them down with your golf towel after each shot. Check the clubs following every round of play to determine if any are wet. When storing your clubs, store them in a dry spot in your home. If you leave them in a humid or wet area, rust is likely to form.

If the rust has built up to the point that the club shaft is weakened or otherwise damaged, have the shaft replaced.