How to Reduce Backspin on My Drive

Many golfers fail to get maximum distance with their drivers. Amateur golfers commonly hit down with their drivers, like an iron shot. This causes the ball to come off the driver with too much backspin.

Hitting a driver with too much backspin will cause the ball to balloon up in the air and land with no roll, resulting in lost distance.

A good drive will come off the driver with a low amount of backspin, allowing the ball to roll forward when it hits the fairway. A proper setup, weight shift and swing will help you hit your driver with reduced backspin.

  1. Tee the ball high enough so a small portion of the ball sits above the top of the driver. Grip the club and take a shoulder-width stance. Position the ball off the inside of your left heel (for right-handed golfers).

  2. Set up with your head a few inches behind the ball and your right shoulder tilted below your left shoulder.

  3. Distribute your weight equally or place a slight majority of it on your right foot. The proper setup allows your weight to shift easily and helps you sweep the ball off the tee.

  1. Swing the club back with your shoulders and rotate your hips.

  2. Shift the majority of your weight to the inside of your right foot as the club swings back. Stop your backswing when your left shoulder is under your chin.

  1. Start the downswing by turning your hips toward the target.

  2. Keep your head behind the ball as you swing down to impact. Sweep the ball off the tee and let the toe of the club (outer edge) rotate over the heel (inside edge) as you swing through to your finish. Finish with your hips turned to the target and the majority of your weight on the left foot.