How to Lower the Launch Angle of My Drive

The angle in which the ball comes off the club face is called the launch angle.

Many golfers lose distance with their driver because they hit the ball with too high a launch angle. This causes the ball to float in the air and land with minimal roll.

Poor setup and swinging down on the ball can cause golfers to hit drives with a high launch angle. Learning to set up properly and sweep the ball off the tee with the driver will help you lower your launch angle and maximize distance.

  1. Tee the ball up so the ball is slightly above the top of the driver club face. Grip the club and take a shoulder width stance.

  2. Position the ball off the inside of your left heel (for right-handed golfers). Distribute your weight equally or with a slight majority on your right foot.

  3. Your head should be a few inches behind the ball at setup. You are now set up to sweep the ball off the tee.

  1. Swing the club back with your shoulders and hinge your wrists up.

  2. Shift the majority of your weight to the inside of your right foot as you turn back. Stop your backswing when your left shoulder is under your chin.

  1. Turn your hips toward the target to start the downswing.

  2. Keep your head behind the ball as you swing down to impact.

  3. Turn your hips through impact with your hands in line with the club head at impact.

  4. This will help you hit the ball with the true loft of your driver. Sweep the ball off the tee.

  1. Keep turning your hips and let the toe of the club (outer edge) rotate over the heel (inside edge). Finish with the majority of your weight on your left foot.