How to Remove Spikes Without a Cleat Wrench

Golfers who play with considerable frequency must change their spikes a few times throughout the year.

Not all the spikes in your shoes wear down at the same time, but when a couple lose their effectiveness, your traction during your swing can be affected. A cleat wrench makes removing your spikes simple. If you've lost your wrench or don't have one, it's still possible to pull the used spikes out of the soles of your shoes.

  1. Rub the spikes with the brush end of a golf cleaning tool to remove caked-on mud.

  2. If you don't have a cleaning tool, use a wire brush or stiff-bristled brush. If the mud is too hard, wet it with a sponge to soften it first.

  1. Grip the spike with a set of pliers. Needle-nosed pliers or larger pliers work equally well in this situation. If you have metal spikes, pinch the metal spike itself. With plastic spikes, lay needle-nosed pliers across the spike so that you grip two of the spikes.

  1. Turn the pliers counterclockwise to unscrew the spike from the shoe.

  2. If the pliers lose their grip, grab hold of the spike again. Repeat this process until you remove all the spikes in need of replacement.