How to Put Spikes on Track Shoes

    Remove spikes that are already in the shoes using the spike key. Place the key over the top of the spike, then turn to the left until the spike is completely free from the shoe.

    Pinch a new spike between your thumb and index finger. Place the spike in one of the holes in the sole of the shoe with the point of the spike facing up. Twist the spike to the right to start screwing it into the sole of the shoe. Tighten the spike all the way down with the spike key.

    Place a spike in each hole. Make sure each spike is tightened down all the way to prevent losing spikes.


  • Carry extra spikes and your spike key with you to running events in case you lose a spike.
  • Spikes that are around 1/8 or 1/4 of an inch are best for running on a track. Longer spikes are best suited for running cross country.
  • Check your spikes between races for wear and tear. Replace worn down spikes with new ones to ensure you get the best traction.
  • Be aware of rules regarding the length of spikes permitted for the different competitions you run in. You should be provided with rules with regards to your spikes and failure to follow such rules may get you disqualified.

Things Needed

  • Spike key
  • Spikes

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