How to Size Golf Wedges

A golf wedge is one of the most-used golf clubs in the average golfers bag. They range in loft from 45 to 60 degrees and can be used from 120 yards away from the hole to the green. Wedges also come in a variety of sole weights to help the golfer penetrate thicker grass or sand.

Many golfers will normally carry three wedges in their golf bag to include a pitching, sand wedge, and a loft or gap wedge. When shopping for a new wedge, picking one that is the right size for your skill level and body size will help ensure you have a more consistent wedge shot while playing.

1. Choose a loft angle

Choose a loft angle for the wedge.

Lob wedges typically have a loft angle between 57 degrees and 60 degrees with gap wedges having a aloft in the mid-50 degrees. Gap wedges will be able to be hit from a farther distance from the green, but will not be able loft the golf ball as high as a lob wedge.

2. Determine the appropriate shaft length

Determine the appropriate shaft length for your longest wedge. Golf iron shaft lengths will normally vary by a one-half inch between clubs getting shorter as the number of the iron is large.

For example, if you are searching for a pitching wedge, the shaft should be one-half inch shorter than your 9 iron. The shaft lengths of a sand wedge and lob or gap wedge would progressively be shorter, but some players prefer to have the same length of shaft across all of their wedges.

3. Choose a club face style

Choose a club face style for the golf wedge.

The majority of amateur golfers prefer wedges with an large club fact that has a large sweet spot on the club face. The over-sized wedge face increases the potential for mis-hitting shots due to greater ground contact than standard faced wedges.

4. Try before you buy

Try out the wedges that you are considering purchasing before buying. Due to the large number of shots taking with a wedge during a round of golf, you will want to ensure that the wedge you choose in the store has a consistent feel and appropriate size before purchasing.