Fun Basketball Dribbling Drills

Basketball player dribbling ball, mid section

If you play basketball, mastery of dribbling is a must. Dribbling drills give players a chance to learn and improve on this fundamental basketball skill. Adding an entertaining twist to the drills makes the participants more excited about the drills. Basketball dribbling drills work well for kids at a backyard backboard, in gym class or for a youth basketball team practice.

Dribble Relays

Relays encourage participants to improve speed as they dribble. Divide the players into two teams. Each team has one basketball. The first player from each team dribbles the basketball down the length of the gym and back. If he loses control of the ball or stops dribbling, he must run back to the starting line and begin again. For more difficulty, add cones or other obstacles for the players to navigate as they run the relay. After the first player completes the relay course, he passes the ball to the next player, who takes his turn. The winner is the first team to have all players complete the task.


Dribbling in a zigzag pattern gives the participants a chance to practice changing directions as they dribble. In a game situation, this skill proves useful to avoid players on the opposite team. The players start at one corner of the gym with a basketball. They dribble diagonally across the gym. When they reach the opposite side, they change directions, moving diagonally toward the other side of the gym to create a giant zigzag. Continue the zigzag pattern down the length of the gym. Another option is to have the zigzag on one side of the gym, using an invisible line down the middle of the gym as the other boundary.

Two-Ball Dribbling

Dribbling two balls at one time helps the players develop ball control. They also become stronger at dribbling with the non-dominant hand. The players have more flexibility in a game when they can comfortably dribbling with either hand. Have the players dribble a ball in each hand. Start by dribbling both balls in unison, then have them switch so they are alternating bounces with the balls hitting the ground at opposite times. Repeat the drill with the players moving down the court.