The Best Basketball Crossover Moves

The Best Basketball Crossover Moves

The crossover dribble provides an effective way to get past a defender one on one. In a crossover, the dribbler uses misdirection, fakes and the defender's own momentum to get space for dribble drives to the basket or space for open jump shots. With practice, your crossover will leave defenders in the dust.

Basic Crossover

A crossover can help create separation for an offensive player from his defender so that he can blow by him to get to the rim. For this crossover, the dribbler must fake dribbling one direction and quickly dribble to the opposite hand and go in the other direction. The faster the execution of the crossover and the more the defender bites on your fake, be it a head or shoulder roll, the better the results will be for this or any crossover move.

Double Crossover

A competent defender will often expect the offensive player to use a crossover move on them. A double crossover helps the offensive player use the defender's anticipation of a crossover to their advantage. A double crossover, where the ball is crossed back over to the original hand, allows the offensive player to go back in her original direction with the defender off-balance.

Pullback Crossover

A pullback crossover is a little different than a regular crossover in the timing of its execution and is best used on a drive to the basket in which the defender does a good job staying tight on the offensive player. The pullback crossover is performed if driving right with the right hand, by crossing the ball back to the left hand while stopping on a dime to make the defender’s momentum to carry him past the offensive player, who can then pull-up and shoot an uncontested jump shot.

Crossover Spin-back

A crossover spin-back move is another way to counter a defender’s crossover anticipation and aggressive defense. After crossing over to the opposite hand, instead of continuing forward, spin back to the original direction with one dribble and take a jump shot or proceed with a drive to the rim.

Between the Legs

Crossing the ball over between the legs is a good way to protect the ball from the defender’s reach-in attempts to steal it. All crossover moves can be done using a between-the-legs dribble if desired though it often increases the difficulty of completion.