Weightless Workout Programs

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You do not need heavy weights or fancy gym machines to get a great, full-body workout. Whether you are traveling, don’t want to pay for equipment and gym memberships or just want to workout at home, there are plenty of effective exercises that require nothing but the natural weight of your body. Combine these moves into a full workout routine you can do three or four times a week and take with you anywhere.


Push-ups and chair-dips engage your chest, shoulders, triceps and muscles in your middle back. Push-ups are the most versatile upper-body workout you can do without weights, and variations in the motion you perform, elevation of your feet or width of your hands can add emphasis to various parts of the chest, shoulders, back and arms. Elevation of the feet changes body weight distribution, in effect requiring you to push up more of your own body weight. Also, pull-ups are great for your back and biceps. There are several variations based on grip style and width to target specific areas of your back and arms, and all you need is a bar or a tree branch.

Lower-Body and Core

Squats and lunges work all the major muscle groups of your legs, including the quadriceps, hamstrings and glutei. You can do squats with your feet at shoulder width or wider to vary the parts of your legs you want to emphasize, and you can do jump-squats to increase the intensity. Side-lunges, reverse-lunges and jump-lunges all redesign your routine to hit muscles in the legs and hips. Bodyweight core exercises are so numerous that the choices are almost infinite. Do sit-up or crunch variations to work the upper- and lower-abs and obliques, or supermans to engage your lower-back and hamstrings.