Basketball Foot Speed Drills

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Increasing your overall foot speed and agility can have a huge impact your game. Basketball is a game of speed and quickness, so every little advantage you can get in these areas will help you to gain a competitive edge over the competition. Foot speed drills are beneficial for improving overall speed on the court, but most of all they are great for improving defensive footwork.

Skip Rope

Skipping rope will help to build up your calf muscles and improve overall quickness. For optimal results, skip at a high intensity as fast as you can. Do this for one minute before resting for 30 seconds. Complete a total of three to five of these sets per workout. Be sure to stretch the calf and hamstring muscles after finishing this workout.


This drill requires a regulation basketball court for best results. This is a sprinting drill that improves overall foot speed as well as side-to-side agility. Start at one baseline and sprint to the free throw line; touch this line with your hand before returning to the starting position at the baseline. Then sprint to half court, and again touch the line with your hand before returning to the baseline. Next, do the same thing for the free throw line and baseline in the far court. Do three to five of these sets. The key to making this drill effective is to go all out the entire time; sprint to each line, and make each turn as quickly as possible.

Forward, Backward and Slide Drill

Start on the baseline at one end of the court, sprint to the free throw line and without stopping, backpedal back to the baseline. Next, get into a defensive stance and slide to the free throw line and back again to the baseline. Finish the sequence by sprinting to the half court line and backpedaling back to the baseline. Repeat with a goal of two sequences in 30 seconds.

Square Jumping

For this foot speed drill, you can choose to use a jump rope or not. Either find an approximately 12 inch equilateral square shape on the floor or use tape to make one, and jump in a square pattern touching each corner of the square with each jump. You want to emphasize speed and quickness with this drill, so do not jump higher than a few inches off the ground and move as fast as you can from one corner to the next. This drill will help to improve your foot speed, coordination and it will help work the smaller muscles of the legs at various angles. Do this drill at one-minute increments, and try to increase the number of jumps you complete each time.