Top Rated Pop Up Canopy Tents

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Pop-up canopy tents are multipurpose temporary shelters. The frame collapses and expands by pulling and pushing, and the canopy stays attached; no tools are required. Two people can set up a pop-up canopy in less than a minute. Pop-up canopies work for a variety of outdoor activities, providing shelter from sun, rain and insects. Popular uses include camping, parties, festivals, work sites and outdoor events. Ratings are based on June 2010 customer reviews and retailers' sales rankings.

Swiss Gear Smart Shade

The Smart Shade is a popular and highly rated steel frame pop-up canopy. The 10-foot model has a square footprint. Add-on sunscreen/windbreaker walls block the sun and wind. Add-on screenhouse walls enclose the canopy to keep out flying insects while allowing light and air to enter. The Smart Shade is available in larger sizes, and rectangular and six-sided shapes. Customers report these canopies are sturdy and easy to set up.

E-Z UP Instant Shelters

The E-Z UP Sierra and Pyramid II recreational steel frame pop-up canopies are among the best selling and most highly rated by customers. E-Z UP, Inc. invented the pop-up canopy, and has long been a leading manufacturer. E-Z UP offers a wide variety of pop-up canopies, including lightweight 8-foot to 12-foot recreational canopies, luxury canopies, and larger and more rugged commercial canopies. Screens, sidewalls and other add-ons and accessories are available, allowing you to customize the canopy to suit your activities.

Eureka! N!ergy Portable Canopy

The N!ergy 10-foot canopy features a built-in power system providing 12-volt outlets for powering compatible accessories, such as fans, lights, bug zappers and radios. Add-on mesh walls enclose the canopy, keeping out flying insects. Eureka offers two different rechargeable power packs to power the canopy's outlets. The Eureka E! Power Pak is a 7 amp-hour (Ah) pack. The Eureka E! Power Pak 2 is a larger 18Ah pack, providing more power for additional accessories or longer use.

Caddis Aluminum Rapid Shelter

The Rapid Shelter's frame is a aircraft-grade aluminum. Caddis offers the Rapid Shelter in several colors and sizes. It is lighter than similar steel frame pop-up canopies, weighing 37 pounds for the 10-foot model. Customers report this canopy is easy to handle and set up, waterproof and sturdy. When packed, the canopy is 63 inches long. This is longer than many other popular canopies, which pack down to 48 to 56 inches long. Due to the longer length, this canopy does not fit in many cars.