Exercises for the Forearm Flexors

Exercises for the Forearm Flexors

When training the flexors of the forearm, you can use a variety of hand movements and exercises that target the appropriate muscle groups. In addition to the more traditional weight room exercise movements, you can use less traditional methods to achieve flexor muscular development. The key is to know what types of movements and hand manipulations will target this specific muscle group.

Wrist Curls

This exercise can be be performed either single-handed, with a dumbbell, or double-armed using a barbell. Start by resting both forearms across a flat bench with your wrists and hands hanging off the edge while holding the weight. Allow the weight to roll to the ends of your fingers, opening your fingers toward the floor. Roll the weight up in your fingers and continue drawing your wrists in an upward motion to a point that your knuckles point toward the ceiling. Briefly pause before slowly returning your hands to the starting position. If performing single-handed curls, the technique is the same, only done with one hand at a time. Repeat the movement for 10 to 12 repetitions over two to three sets.

Hand Manipulation

Different types of flexible balls, such as a tennis ball or racquetball, can also train the flexors of the forearm. Squeezing these types of balls repeatedly for numerous repetitions and sets can provide a fatiguing workout of the muscle group. In addition, gripping a weight, such as a free-weight plate, by the fingertips, and holding it over time, can also help develop the forearm flexor muscles. One last challenge for the flexor muscles uses a newspaper to achieve fatigue. Open the newspaper up to the middle and lay it on a table. Place your right hand in the dead center of the paper, with your fingers spread. Begin flexing your fingers, drawing the first sheet of newspaper inward. Continue bringing the paper in toward your hand until it becomes a wadded ball of paper. Toss the paper ball to the side and immediately begin drawing in the next sheet. Continue for as many sheets as your flexor muscles will allow, before switching to the opposite hand. You may be surprised how quickly your muscles fatigue.

Wrist Roller

Another training apparatus for developing forearm flexor strength is a wrist roller. Generally, a wrist roller is a bar that is attached to a rope or cord at one end and attached to a weight at the other end. Holding the wrist roller bar in both hands, extend your arms so that they are parallel to the ground and the rope is fully extended so that the weight is resting on the floor. Begin winding the rope around the roller bar by continually twisting the roller bar in a clockwise or counterclockwise motion. Once the rope is completely wound and the weight is at the bar, slowly begin to unwind the bar to allow the weight to be slowly lowered to the floor. Control the descent of the weight. Repeat the exercise for as many sets as needed to sufficiently fatigue the muscle group.