Gym Scooter Games

Sporting goods equipment stored in gym

A gym scooter consists of four wheels beneath a square of wood or plastic. This simple piece of gym equipment entertains kids and provides versatile activity options. Kids improve balance and coordination as they use their legs or arms to propel the scooters. Set safety rules for the use of scooters to lessen the risk of collisions, smashed fingers and other injuries.

Scooter Trip

This game transforms the gym into a highway, complete with activity stops along the way. Set up cones or tape lines around the perimeter of the gym to designate the scooter highway. Another option is to use lines already painted on the gym floor. Cut and paint a piece of cardboard to resemble a "One Way" sign that tells kids which way to go to avoid collisions. Set up stops with specified physical fitness tasks the kids must complete. You might have them hike up the bleacher stairs, climb a rope, crawl through a cave made from tables, or perform an exercise such as jumping jacks or sit-ups.

Scooter Relays

Relays work well for kids of any age. The scooters provide a change from the usual walking or running. Set up cones at the far end of the gym to indicate the range of the relay course. One player from each team travels the length of the gym on a scooter, around the cone and back to the starting line before relaying the scooter to a teammate. For more complexity, place a row of cones the length of the gym for each team. The kids weave back and forth through the cones to complete the relay. Another way to vary the relay race is to specify how the kids use the scooters. For example, have them lie on their stomachs and use only their hands to propel the scooters.

Scooter Pickup

This game, suggested by PE Central, focuses on maneuvering the scooter accurately and quickly. Divide the players into four teams, providing each team with an equipment container or large trash can. Place one container at each corner of the gym. Scatter small pieces of gym equipment, beanbags or other objects around the gym. While they're seated on scooters, the kids move around the gym and pick up the items, placing them in their teams' containers. The kids may pick up only one item at a time. The team that collects the most items wins the game.