Volleyball Teamwork Activities

Group of people playing beach volleyball

During a volleyball game, six players take their positions on the court. Some are hitters, some are setters and some specialize in defense. Each player has a role to play, but all the players need to work together as a team to win. Teamwork-building exercises can help coaches foster a cohesive team that works together toward victory.

Blind Man

This fun exercise helps build trust and communication for your team. Both of these qualities are essential to winning matches and fostering unity on the court. Abandon the gym for a volleyball court with a soft surface. A grass or sand court is ideal to set up an obstacle course. Coaches set up a maze of orange cones or place obstacles such as hula hoops or logs that must be crossed before players reach the finish line. Once the players arrive, divide them into pairs, with one person blindfolded. The other player spins the blindfolded partner around a few times to disorient him or her. The challenge is for the seeing partner to guide the blindfolded partner through the obstacle course using only verbal cues. In addition to bypassing the obstacles, the blindfolded player may be asked to duck under the net without making contact, or find a ball on the court and drop it in a bucket. By using good communication skills, the seeing player should be able to guide her partner through the obstacle course quickly. The blindfolded player must also learn to trust her partner. These lessons will come in handy on the court and lead to a more united team.

Switch It Up

Many volleyball players specialize in one position, but have little insight into what their teammates do on the court. During practice, switch up your team's roles and have them play different positions. This exercise will help players better understand their teammates' roles and how hard they work.

Get Together

Keep players in groups of two, with one partner blindfolded, and try out this team building exercise.Outline a small square on the ground using a rope or cones. Players who are not blindfolded have to get players who are blindfolded into the area, without any of them crossing over the lines.The players will have to rely on creativity, patience, communication and problem-solving skills to fit within the boundaries.

Pass, Set, Swing, Hit

Position three hitters toward the front of the court near the net. A fourth player sets the ball according to the instructions of the hitter. He may be asked to set the ball to the front or back set. This fast-paced drill builds team synchronization, communication and trust, each essential to achieving victory. More advanced teams use this drill to learn to run plays designed by the coach.