Easy Basketball Drills for Beginners

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Easy basketball drills for beginners often focus on developing your fundamentals and basic basketball skills. Drills such as layup lines and jump stops help you improve your game through basic repetition. Although a basketball beginner can start at any age, most beginners are kids and young adults. As a result, it is important for you to perform easy basketball drills that do not strain your muscles and bones.


Easy basketball drills for beginners break down according to specific basketball fundamentals. Basic speed drills help you develop quickness on the basketball court through competition-based line sprints and defensive drills. Easy shooting drills focus on perfecting your form as well as your shot consistency. Easy defensive drills focus on improving your defensive stance as well as your ability to keep your body in front of the player you are defending at all times.

Easy Offensive Basketball Drill 1

This offensive drill is designed to introduce you to shooting from different spots and angles on the court. Stand at the top of the key with a basketball in your hand. On your coach's whistle, dribble with your strong hand to the rim for a layup. Once you make a layup, dribble back to the foul line and take a free throw shot. If you miss the shot, get your own rebound and put in another layup. From here, take a shot from the right elbow and then a shot from the left elbow. Each time you miss, follow your shot with a layup. As you improve, start putting a time limit on the drill.

Easy Offensive Basketball Drill 2

This drill will help you develop your outside shot as well as your ability to shoot off the pass. Partner up with a player on your team and have him pass you the ball. Take a shot and grab your own rebound. After you retrieve the ball, pass the ball to your partner and have him take a shot off the pass. Rotate back and forth, choosing different spots along the perimeter of the court. Basketball drills site Winning Drills.com recommends focusing on proper form not only on your shot but also on the pass to your teammate.

Easy Defensive Basketball Drill 1

This defensive drill helps teach you how to put maximum pressure on an offensive player without fouling. Break your team up into two lines and have one stand at center court and the other stand at the left elbow. On your coach's whistle, pass the ball from center court to the first player in the elbow line. Immediately follow your pass and get into a strong defensive stance in front of the player to whom you just passed. Try to pressure the ball by mirroring the offensive player and preventing him from getting a clean pass back to center court. The goal of this drill is to deflect the ball without fouling.

Easy Defensive Basketball Drill 2

This defensive basketball drill helps beginning players improve their endurance as well as their defensive shuffle. Have your team gather in the corner of the court where the baseline meets the sideline. Upon hearing the whistle, sprint out to center court and start running in place as fast as you can. When your coach blows his whistle a second time, perform a defensive slide to the baseline. At the same time, another player on your team should sprint to center court and start running in place. Keep your butt low through the entire drill and never cross your feet.