Are There Any Home Remedies for Sagging Breasts?

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With aging or after pregnancy, too often the breasts start to sag. Home remedies such as exercise may possibly help to firm and lift the breasts, though it's important to have realistic expectations as to what exercise can do for a sagging bust line. Exercise regularly to improve overall health and add exercises such as push-ups and arm circles to tone and firm the breasts; however, talk to your doctor before joining a gym or starting any new exercise activities.

Do arm circles, which strengthen the underlying muscles of the breasts. Repetitions of forward and backward arm circles, done regularly, may help the overall look of the breasts and increase their lift. Using light weights may also increase the effectiveness of this exercise. Perform three repetitions of 10 arm circles as you start this exercise program.

Use free weights. Recline on your back on an exercise bench and lift weights up to the shoulders. Do at least three repetitions of 10. Working out on Nautilus equipment may also help to firm and lift the breasts. Nautilus exercises that focus on the chest and upper arm areas will help to build and firm muscles below the breasts and in the chest region.

Add yoga to the exercise regimen, focusing on yoga poses that focus on the breasts and upper arms. Yoga strengthens the entire body and tones all areas. It requires the body to be focused and helps with posture, too -- and proper posture can make breasts appear higher and firmer.

Perform push-ups. Either do the standard push-up in which the entire body raises into the air or do the modified push-up in which the knees are bent and only the upper portion of the body comes up off the floor. Start with as many push-ups as you can comfortably do; gradually increase the amount in each session. Do push-ups at least three times a week.

Stop smoking to improve overall health and to protect the fragile skin of the breasts. Smoking causes a gradual breakdown of skin tissue. Plus, it is easier to exercise if not out of breath from smoking.


Use weights in the size you feel comfortable with. As your strength gradually increases, increase the size of the weight you use.

Wear a support bra when exercising to help maintain breast firmness.

Exercise regularly and do activities to help firm breasts at least three times a week.