The Best Exercises to Enlarge the Butt

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Your butt is a muscle containing the glutei minimus, medius and maximus. The maximus, most recognizable due to its size, is the largest muscle in your body. Ideal muscles come from exercising, and your butt needs exercising, especially since it’s not an engaging muscle. For instance, most people spend the day sitting at work and then home. This causes glute muscles to be inactive, losing strength and tone, otherwise called muscle atrophy. According to "Fitness" magazine, Carving Curls, Bend and Extends, and the Swaying Bridge, target these muscles and have been proven to enlargen the butt.

Squats, One of the Best

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"Fitness" describes squats as one of the best lower body exercises. This is essential since squats work your butt. Moreover, squats are easy -- a single motion spreading your feet shoulder-width apart and lowering your body 90 degrees. Doing the same routine can often be boring and squats offer variations -- crab, side-by-side, ball squat -- and can be done using your body weight, a stability ball or a dumbbell. Ultimately, squats can be done virtually anywhere -- gym not required.

More to it Than Squats

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Squats are good, but they they aren't the only exercise that'll add size to your butt. “Fitness” features yoga instructor, Kate Albarelli and the exercises she created that targets all three glute muscles. There are three in particular that are designed to maximize your boonkie: Carving Curls, Bend and Extends, and the Swaying Bridge. You only have to do two sets of each exercise, three times a week. According to "Fitness", these three exercises are proven to maximize your backside.

Carving Curl


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The Carving Curl works your gluteus maximus. This is good since your maximus is the biggest portion of your butt. Lie face down on a floor while resting your head on folded arms. You can either squeeze a 1-pound dumbbell or rolled up towel behind whichever bent knee. Tuck in your pelvis so that your lower back is flattened. Perform 20 repetitions, lifting your bent leg a few inches off the floor. This exercise is designed to add size to your butt.

Bend and Extend


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The Bend and Extend works the gluteus maximus using a chair. Standing in front of a chair, bend over with your left hand on the seat. With your right forearm on top of the chair, tuck in your pelvis and extend your left leg behind you, foot flexed. Pulse this leg by lifting and lowering it an inch 10 times. With leg still raised, bend and extend knee 10 times. Afterward, move leg clockwise and then counterclockwise five times. Lastly, hold leg for five seconds.

Sway Bridge

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This bridge is different from the standard bridge that exercises your butt. As you normally would, lie on the floor facing upward, knees bent with feet and heels on the floor. Your heels should be stepped out so that legs are a little wider than shoulder-width. Lift the hips, then lower. After 10 reps, lift the hips and then sway from side to side, squeezing your glutes. This exercises all three glute muscles -- adding size to your butt.