How Long Does It Take to Learn Hapkido?

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Hapkido, a Korean martial art, is a complete system that integrates grappling, striking, and weapons forms. It's a martial art for generalists instead of specialists: the broad skill base might overwhelm a beginner. Although journeymen martial artists will appreciate Hapkido's open ended approach, neophytes must demonstrate patience and discipline to earn a black belt. On average, this takes three years.

Earning a Black Belt

Assuming the student practices three times a week, a few years is a reasonable time to learn Hapkido. However, there are mitigating factors. Some students may show a higher aptitude than others. Age, athletic prowess, pre-existing injuries and the student's sense of rhythm will influence the learning curve. In addition, some schools may place greater emphasis on kicking while other curriculums are heavily weighted towards grappling. A high school wrestler may struggle in some dojos while excelling in a system utilizing more chokes and locks. Despite mitigating factors, Hapkido students earn their black belts in a relatively short amount of time. It takes upwards of 10 years for Brazilian JuJitsu practitioners to earn their black belts.