How to Install a Punching Bag

Young Boxer boxing

Installing a punching bag can be a straightforward process as long as you follow some basic safety precautions. The heavier the punching bag, the more you must take support into consideration. The support structure you use must be able to handle many times the weight of the punching bag. The floor beneath it must likewise support the weight of the support and punching bag.

Installing a Punching Bag

Select the location of the punching bag carefully. It should ideally be in a corner or against a wall where it will be out of the way. Remember that the punching bag will swing in every direction. Make sure that it is far enough from the wall that it won't bounce off. Punching bags are very difficult to move once they are in place. Choose the location with care.

Check your floors for weight limits. If you are installing a punching bag on an upper floor, make sure that it can handle the weight. If you are using a 150-pound punching bag on a rack that is weighed down with 450 pounds of grounding plates then pounding on it, a weak floor could buckle. This is not usually an issue if you are on the ground level of a building.

Choose your support structure. Punching bags can be hung from an overhead beam or from a specially designed punching bag rack. A rack is preferable since it is designed to handle the movement of the punching bag. It requires three times the weight of the punching bag in grounding weights at the base. If you are using an overhead beam, make sure that it can handle at least three times the weight of the punching bag and that it is above your chosen location.

Measure the distance from the support structure to the ground. Subtract the height of the punching bag from that number. Decide how high you want the punching bag to hang above the ground and subtract that number as well. What you have left is the length of the hanging chain.

Attach the hanging chain to the support structure. On a punching bag rack this will be an S shaped hook. Attach the proper length of chain from this. If you are using a support beam, you will need to wrap the chain around it. Allow for extra chain so that you can wrap it at least once around the beam. If you are concerned about the punching bag moving, wrap the chain around twice.

Mount the punching bag. If your punching bag has the chain attached to it, this is done in the chain attaching step. If your punching bag hangs from a chain, lift it up to the place where you measured. Hook the punching bag to the chain then test it for strength. The punching bag should swing freely and the support structure should not move, buckle or squeak.


Some people hang punching bags from an eye bolt screwed into the ceiling. This is very dangerous since all the weight of the swinging bag is supported by a single screwed in bolt and plaster. Always use a sturdy support and chain.