Ab Rocket Exercises

Cape Town, South Africa

The Ab Rocket sounds like something that might blast your fat into outer space, but in reality, it's a device that requires you to work hard to achieve flat abs.

Here's how it works: You sit in a chair-like support that hovers just above the floor. Your head and neck are supported. The back features rolling cushions that also massage you as you crunch up and down. You can adjust the resistance do do these crunches at three different intensity levels. The Ab Rocket Twister model is a variation that swivels side-to-side to train your rotating muscles, too.

Exercises done with the Ab Rocket are fairly instinctual once you assemble the device and sit down in it.


The Ab Rocket includes a low-calorie meal plan with recipes, as well as cardio workouts to do along with your ab-specific exercises on the device. Note that these require discipline but are essential in helping you to lose extra fat and reveal toned abs.

Midsection of muscular man in old jeans showing weight loss against black background

Exercise on the Ab Rocket can help develop ab muscles.

Recline and Hold

This is one of the most fundamental moves you can do on the Ab Rocket.

Sit on the seat, plant your feet on the floor and hold the handles alongside your thighs.

Lean back until you feel your abs engage, about half-way to the floor. Hold for a count of eight.

Recline all the way back and stretch out your arms and legs. Lift back up to the working position to repeat.

Assisted Crunch

You'll work the rectus abdominis at the front of your abs with this exercise.

While seated on the Ab Rocket, hold the handles and press your whole foot into the ground.

Lean back halfway and crunch up slightly.

Repeat eight times.


For variety and greater intensity, do the assisted crunch with your heels only on the ground rather than the entire sole of the foot.

Pulse Crunch

The pulse crunch is an intermediate move. Do only after you've mastered the assisted crunch.

Start with your feet on the ground, shoulder-distance apart. Cross your arms over your chest.

Lean back halfway and crunch up eight times.

Lean back and then pulse up and back eight times.

Power Twist

This exercise is similar to one you might do holding a medicine ball to train your side waist.

Sit on the Ab Rocket, feet planted hip-width apart. Hold your hands in front of your chest as if you had a ball between them.

Lean back halfway. Twist to the right and lift your right knee. Take your invisible ball to the outside of your knee. Crunch the Ab Rocket up slightly as you twist.

Return to center and repeat on the left. Alternate for 12 repetitions.

Advanced V-Sit

Lifting your legs adds more challenge, but can also be harder on your back.

Sit on the Ab Rocket and lean back halfway. Lift your legs up off the ground so your shins are parallel to the floor.

Hold the handles and crunch up slightly to bring the knees and chest closer together. Release slightly.

Continue these crunches with the legs up for eight repetitions.

Jack Knife

This is a challenging move, so modify by using one leg at a time, if needed.

Lie all the way back on the Ab Rocket. Extend your arms overhead and reach your legs long.

Lift up your legs and arms simultaneously to touch. The back rest will move with you as you create this v-shape.

Return to reclined and repeat seven more times.