Swimming Pool Games for Teens

Group playing in swimming pool fountain

Swimming pool games can help your teen and her friends to stay active and beat the heat during summer months. Ensure you discuss the pool rules with the group prior to beginning any game, and make sure qualified supervision is present if necessary. Remember to play every game in a safe manner and avoid any potentially dangerous situations.

Marco Polo

Choose someone in your group to be Marco and have him close his eyes. Everyone else will spread out in the pool and try to avoid being tagged by Marco. If Marco calls out, "Marco," all swimmers must respond by saying, "Polo." If Marco touches another player, he becomes Marco. You may get out of the pool to avoid being tagged, but if Marco yells "fish out of water" while you are on dry land, you become Marco.

Color Selection

Choose one person in your group to be "it." She will stand on the side of the pool out of the water with her back towards the pool. The other players will be in the water on the same wall of the pool as the person who is "it." Everyone in the pool secretly picks a color and keeps it to themselves. The person who is "it" randomly calls out colors. If your color is called, you must quietly swim to the other side without being detected or tagged. If the person who is "it" suspects someone has left the wall, she may turn around and jump in after the person. If the person who is "it" turns around and nobody has left the wall, she must take a step away from the pool. If you are tagged, you become "it."


Since you will be using the deep end of the pool, make sure all participants are advanced swimmers. Pick one person to be the gator. The gator treads water near the wall on the deep end of the pool while everyone else stands outside the pool. Choose someone to start the game by yelling "gator." At that point, you have 30 seconds to jump in, swim to the other side and get out of the pool without being tagged by the gator. If you get tagged, you become another gator. Continue play in the same fashion until only one person remains who has not been tagged. To ensure safety, make sure nobody jumps on the gator during the game.