Bras that Improve Posture

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If you find yourself sitting with rounded shoulders or driving in your car slouched over, a posture bra may be just the thing you need to reinforce good posture. Therapeutic posture bras come in a variety of styles and colors with a broad range of design features. Whether you prefer a front or back closure, wide or thin shoulder strap, full body long-line or standard cut, there is a posture bra designed to meet your needs.

Maximum Support Bra

The Maximum Suppport Bra by Bubbles Bodywear promises to keep your back straight and correct your posture throughout the day. This bra only comes in taupe and does not feature an underwire. The back is designed with an X-shaped reinforcement in order to keep the back straight and tall. The shoulder straps are wide, and the back of the bra is made of a mesh fabric that covers the entire upper back. The bra sells for around $30.

Full Figure Magic Lift Plus

The Magic Lift Plus is a full-figure posture bra manufactured by Glamorise. This bra features a front closure with stretch-cotton bands that crisscross your back to aid posture and ease the strain on your shoulders. The cup is cotton lined and designed to sooth your skin. Shoulder straps are extra-wide plush straps that adjust discreetly in back. This bra comes in cafe and white and sells for around $35.

Magnetic Posture Bra

The Magnetic Posture Bra is not only designed to help improve posture, but it actually includes four flexible therapeutic magnets in the criss-cross back support material to address back pain. This bra is made of nylon and spandex with cotton-lined cups. The closure is in front with two rows of hooks for a comfortable fit. It only comes in white and sells for around $20.

Longline Posture Bra

The Longline Posture Bra by Plusform comes in a camisole design with reinforced criss-cross back straps that straighten your shoulders and back, providing extra support and smoother contour. The camisole bodice features slimming midriff control, wide bottom band and two rows of front closures for a comfortable fit. This bra comes in pink, white or beige, and sells for around $20.