Drills to Learn to Palm a Basketball

steve vanhorn/iStock/Getty Images

Palming the ball, according to basketball's rules, is when you place your hand under the ball and carry it while dribbling -- a violation of the rules. But in casual use it refers to squeezing and holding the ball with one hand, a legal move which will help you handle it with greater confidence. Drills to learn this skill will focus on increasing your finger and grip strength.

Palm Slaps

Palm slaps develop strength in your hands and grip. Hold the ball in one hand and slam it into the palm of the other. As the ball slaps your palm, simultaneously squeeze it as hard as you can. Slap it into your other palm. Complete 20 slaps on each hand.

Pushups on your Fingertips

Pushups on your fingertips increases finger strength. From a pushup position, rise up onto your finger tips. Maintain this position with your hands as you perform 10 pushups. If necessary, try them from your knees first.

Plate Pinches

Pinch the edge of a weighted plate in each hand. Hold the plates down by your sides and walk around the gym. Start with 10-pound plates, and then bump it up as strength develops. You can also squeeze multiple 10-pound plates between your fingers.

Aluminum Can Holds

Improve grip strength by squeezing weighted aluminum cans. Fill an empty 14-ounce aluminum coffee can with rocks, nuts and bolts. Grip the can and hold it out in front of you for as long as you can. Perform the exercise on each hand.