How Do Elliptical Machines Benefit Glutes?

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An elliptical machine offers a cardio workout as well as weight-bearing exercise for your lower body. As your feet pedal in an elliptical cycle, your glutes or butt muscles move in a pattern similar to walking or running without the impact on joints. Most elliptical machines have a console that allows you adjust resistance and incline.

Hip Extension and Glutes

When your leg extends at the bottom of the pedal cycle, the hip extension pushes the thigh backward and engages the glutes. For a more rigorous workout for your glutes, increase the incline and press through your heels during your elliptical machine workout. For example, you can gradually increase the resistance and incline from easy to moderately difficult for 25 minutes and then gradually decrease to easy during the last 10 minutes, as recommended by the Fit Sugar website.

Precautions for Using and Elliptical Machine

Talk to your doctor before you try an elliptical workout or any new workout routine. Always perform a five- to 10-minute warm-up and cool-down, including stretching, before and after your elliptical workout to prevent injury and allow the heart rate to gradually adjust.