Basketball Drills for a Power Forward

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The power forward has become one of the most important basketball players in the NBA and basketball around the world in recent years. The power forward must be a mix between the fast paced, cut to the rim game of the small forward and the rebounding prowess and post centricity of the center. While aggressiveness is a big part of a power forward's game, he must also have a game of finesse as they are central to ball movement on the court. Helping a power forward grow is a tough task for any parent or basketball coach but here are some basketball drills to facilitate the basketball training of anyone trying to play the four.

How to do the Quick Shot Drill

The first shooting drill a power forward should do is the quick shot drill. In this drill, the power forward will position himself in the low post with his back to the basket. In this drill, he must receive the basketball from a teammate and take one dribble before spinning and shooting. This drill will enable the power forward to get familiar with the post area so he can release the ball quickly when he shoots and better enable them to score over post players. Catching 10 passes from a teammate and taking five shots spinning to the left and five shots spinning to the right should help develop the footwork needed for most basic post moves. This will help the power forward develop the fundamentals needed to score in the post.

How to do the Power Baseline Drill

This next drill, the power baseline drill, will help develop vital basketball moves and ball handling for beginners. The power forward must be decisive when he catches or has possession of the ball on the baseline. A key trait of a power forward, or any big men, is the ability to drive down the baseline for a dunk, a layup or reverse layup. In this drill, the power forward must make a jab step fake to the inside, then cut to the baseline with one or two dribbles, then explode to the hoop. Try this five times from the right wing and five times from the left wing. The power forward has to develop his dribble with both hands or else he will be easy to defend. With enough strength and conditioning from basketball workouts, they will be unstoppable with a full head of steam.

How to do the Defensive Presence Drill

In this drill, the power forward will use his size and strength to defend in an outnumbered situation. The opposing point guard or shooting guard will dribble the ball past half court and pass to a teammate in the frontcourt. The two offensive teammates must complete three passes before attempting to shoot. The power forward must steal the ball, force a turnover, force a missed jump shot or get the rebound to be successful in this drill. If the defensive player can defeat the 2-on-1 three times out of 10 attempts, he has been successful. The power forward should focus on shot blocking and avoid being embarrassed by a crossover.

Best rebound drill for a power forward

One of the most important basketball skills is rebounding the ball and controlling the boards. In this drill, the defensive player starts in the middle of the defensive lane and the opponent will shoot the ball from the mid-range or three point line. The defender must get himself into the ideal rebounding position, which is at a 45-degree angle to the basket on the side opposite of the shooter. The opponent will pass the ball to get a good shot, so the defender must pay attention to where the shot comes from. He must get himself in the proper position by getting away from his opponent on eight-of-10 shots to be successful in this drill.

Best conditioning drill for a power forward

A good power forward will be able to finish the fast break whenever the opportunity comes. To do this, the power forward has to have the ability to command extra speed at the correct moment.. In this drill the power forward must run from his baseline to the free throw line and back, then from the baseline to mid-court and back, then from the baseline to the far free-throw line and finally from the baseline to the opposing baseline and back. When the power forward is returning on the final leg of this drill, a coach or teammate will pass him the ball at mid-court, and he must drive with the ball for a layup or dunk.