At Home Drills to Increase Your Catching Ability in Football


Becoming a good receiver in football takes practice and repetition. Whether you are a wide receiver, tight end or running back, catching drills will improve your hands and reactions to every ball thrown at you. Catching drills do not require an entire football field; some can work in your backyard. If you want to improve your receiving skills, work on these drills as often and consistently as possible.

Kneeling Catch

Line up about 10 yards away from the quarterback and kneel on the ground. Practice catching throws that are not on target, diving to each side. Try falling on your side rather than your stomach after you catch the ball, the Football Drills website recommends.


Use a net or other available material to block balls that are not caught. Line up 10 yards away from the net and run toward the area in front of it. To help replicate real game throws, have the quarterback deliver three types of passes, forcing the receiver to catch a low pass, a high pass and a pass thrown behind him.

Circle Drill

Form a circle of four players, with a fifth player stand in the middle. Each player on the outside starts with a ball. The player in the middle is the receiver, Football Drills explains, and starts the drill facing one of the players in the outside of the circle. The first player throws the ball to the receiver, who makes the catch and tosses the ball back to the thrower. The receiver turns to the right for the next throw. Continue catching passes and rotating as fast as possible, and switch directions after making a complete rotation around the circle.

Firing Squad

Line up four quarterbacks 15 yards away from the receiver. Another player stands behind the receiver and signals to one of the quarterbacks to throw the ball. When the player or coach behind the receiver says so, all four quarterbacks raise their arms, but only the designated quarterback actually throws the ball. The receiver must make the catch, toss the ball back to the quarterback, and get ready for the next pass.