How to Do a Back Flip at Home

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A back flip, or back tuck, is a very challenging feat that requires practice and good form to be executed properly. People may hesitate when attempting a back flip for fear they will injure themselves. However, it is important to not be afraid when trying it at home. According to Tricks Tutorials, forcing away fear will create a counter force that will make a person more tense and anxious. This will interfere with your chances of landing the back flip, so try to relax when attempting the move at home.

Stand on the balls of your feet on level ground, arms overhead, fingertips pointing straight up. Extend your limbs as much as possible while looking straight ahead and focusing on a particular point.

Drop your arms horizontally while bending your knees until you are in a squatting position. Do not bend your knees past a 90 degree angle. Continue looking straight ahead.

Jump up by pushing your legs off the ground while swinging your arms up over your head again. Extend your knees, ankles and elbows while attempting to gain the most height possible from the ground. Extend until your entire body is as vertical as it can be in the air.

Pull your legs up at the pinnacle of your jump, and begin tucking your body by having your arms go toward your legs. Execute the tuck by driving your knees toward your chest and wrapping your arms around the knees.

Extend your legs and lift your hands over your head to start opening up your body and land upright.

Land on the balls of your feet with your arms up over your head. Your starting position and ending position should look very similar.


A good way to practice the back flip is to start by doing it on a one meter diving board and landing in deep water. This should reduce risk of injury.


Be patient with each specific step when performing a back flip. Wait until the peak of your jump before bringing your knees up and do not tuck too early. If you do not wait, you probably will not land the back flip.