How to Get 180 in Darts

Hitting a Maximum

    Align your dominant foot so that it is behind or level with the throwing line. Lean your body slightly forward towards the dartboard; this maintains balance and improves the chances of throwing accurately. Your eyes should be focused on the triple 20 target, not the dart.

    Bring your throwing arm outwards, aiming the dart at a part of the treble 20 bed. Every dart player throws in his or chosen style, so it is best to throw in a way that you find comfortable and effective. Release the first dart; depending on your level of ability the dart should land inside the treble 20 section.

    Throw the second dart followed by the third. The first dart can be used as a platform to deflect the other darts into the same area of the treble, so it is advisable to aim at the barrel of the first dart. If the second dart lands near the first, you should be presented with a double platform, so aim the third dart towards the first two. This technique is known as stacking. When all three darts land in the triple 20, a 180 is scored.


  • Less-experienced players may wish to stand closer to the board to improve their chance of hitting a 180.


  • Darts is an adult sport and darts should be kept out of the reach of children

Things Needed

  • Darts
  • Dartboard

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