How to Start P90X Daily Workouts

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How to Start P90X Daily Workouts

P90X claims you can go from “regular to ripped” in just 90 days. But, you wonder if you're up to the challenge.

Drive, determination and the will to succeed are keys to measurable results with this revolutionary home fitness program. Just make sure you're armed with important information and basic supplies before you begin.

Get Oriented

Watch the “How to Bring it” DVD that comes with the package to orient yourself with the program. You'll also want to read the P90X Fitness Guide thoroughly to become familiar with the program. The guide contains valuable information designed to give you the tools you need to get started and help you succeed. Pay specific attention to the term “muscle confusion” as this is the science the program is built around.

Record Your Starting Place

Record your body measurements, taking note of your chest, waist, hips, thighs and arm measurements; weigh yourself and record your weight. Using a body fat tester, measure and record your body fat. This starting point information will be valuable for comparing your progress as you move through the program.

Snap “before” photos wearing either a swimsuit, or your underwear to get a clear idea of what your body looks like now. The photo is essential for giving you an accurate comparison to the “after” photos you will take later on. Use a plain background when taking your “before” and “after” photos. Take a new photo on day 30, day 60 and day 90 for side-by-side comparison and progress purposes.

Take the P90X Fit Test according to the Fit Test guidelines contained in the Fitness Guide. Tools required to take the Fit Test include: a heart rate monitor, body fat tester or caliper, measuring tape, scale, chin-up bar, stopwatch, towel, water and finally, a friend or family member to keep track of your Fit Test results during the test.

Do the Fit Test a few days before your official start day of the program. Complete all the exercises of the test in the order in which they appear. You will repeat this test after 90 days so it is important you do it in the correct order.

Familiarize Yourself With the Nutrition Plan

Review the P90X Nutrition Plan book to learn about the three eating phases of the program: Phase 1—The Fat Shredder, Phase 2—The Energy Booster and Phase 3—The Endurance Maximizer. Since P90X was designed to be a fitness program and not a weight loss program, the Nutrition Guide does not come with a built-in caloric deficit. Remember to figure your own caloric deficit into your eating plan if you are trying to lose weight.

Purchase vitamin supplements, a recovery drink, protein bars and whey protein powder. These items are fundamental for providing your body with the proper nutrients it needs after each workout. Pay close attention to your nutrition at all times. Rid your refrigerator of all foods not conducive to healthy eating.

Get Your Equipment in Order

Perform a check to be sure you have the additional equipment required, including a yoga mat, yoga blocks, chin-up bar, a set of dumbbells or resistance bands.

Photocopy the worksheets (from the Fitness Guide) to record exercises (how many reps you complete etc.) during each workout. These worksheets can also be downloaded from the website.

Get Acquainted and Connected

Set aside a block of time to watch each workout DVD so you'll know what to expect.

Sign up for a member account on the community message boards. The message boards are an excellent source of information and encouragement and a great way to share your progress with others who are doing P90X.