How to Attach a Water Ski Rope to the Boat

England, Cumbria, Windermere, girl (13-15) water skiing in lake

A correctly attached ski rope allows a water skier to enjoy time on the water without worrying about the rope’s connection to the boat failing. A failed rope not only affects the skier’s ability to move, it affects the ability to remain in control. With no control comes the possibility of hitting an obstacle, which can lead to a severe injury or even death. Towropes incorporate a loop system at specified take-off lengths; these loops act as a guide for length and play a role in attaching the rope to your boat.

Locate the towrope loop closest to the 75-foot take-off point or the length you need for your type of water skiing. Hold the loop in your non-dominant hand.

Grab the line 12 inches down from your non-dominant hand with your dominant hand. Make sure your dominant hand is on the side of the towrope heading toward the towrope handle. Push your two hands together to form a second loop in the line.

Feed the created loop through the towrope loop. Grab the created loop with one hand and slide it over the towing post, which is attached to the boat.

Pull the line running toward the towrope handle forcefully to lock the created loop to the post. Tug on the line forcefully four to five times to ensure it does not slide on the post. If the line slides, pull the line on each side of the post forcefully with both hands to lock the rope in place and repeat the tugging procedure to ensure the line does not move.


Inspect the towline before attaching it to the boat. Look for nicks, frays or discoloration along the entire length of the line. Discard the line if any damage is found.