How to Make Horse Jumps

lgoodwin80107/iStock/Getty Images

If you enjoy riding horses, you know there are few things as thrilling as taking a jump. Made of wooden posts with a wood or plastic crossbar, horse jumps are an essential item in equestrian competition. When competing, regular practice is critical, so both you and your horse can be confident and prepared. However, commercial equestrian equipment is expensive. To save money, you can put together a couple of jump standards, inexpensively, from lumber, screws and PVC pipe available from your hardware store.

Measure to the middle of the 8-foot 4-by-4 post and mark all the way around the post at the measurement. Cut the post in half with the circular or miter saw to form two 4-foot posts.

Place the end of the measuring tape on the end of one of the 4-by-4 posts. Make a center line down the entire length of one side of the post. Measure 18 inches from one end and make a mark across the center line. Make a crossmark every 3 inches along the post from that point. Repeat with the other post.

Drill a hole at each crossmark along the posts with the 1/4-inch drill bit to form a pilot hole. Drill squarely and completely all the way through the post. Change to the spade bit and drill out each hole to 1/2 inch.

Measure to the middle of one of the 1-by-4 boards and make a mark across the board at that point. Cut the board in half at the mark to form two 2-foot boards. Measure to the centers of the two halves and cut them in half. This will form four 1-by-4 boards of equal length. Repeat with the other board.

Place the end of one of the 1-by-4 boards across the end of one of the posts at a 90-degree angle. Align the end of the 1-by-4 to the edge of the post and the end of the post to the edge of the 1-by-4. Place the Phillips head bit in the drill and screw the board in place with four decking screws in a staggered pattern. Roll the post over one turn and flip the 1-by-4 up on end. Repeat this step three times with the other 1-by-4s around the post to form 4 feet at the end of the post.

Set the newly made standards on their feet about 10 feet apart. Insert the pins of the jump cups into the 1/2-inch holes in the sides of the posts, at equal height. Place the ends of the PVC pipe into the jump cups. Adjust one of the standards, as necessary, to make the pipe fit. Paint the standards if you like.