Family Games for Church Picnics

Family with two children and friend having picnic in park

As you plan your church picnic, consider all the ages of those who will be there. Choose games for a variety of age groups. A church picnic provides the ideal opportunity to bring families closer as they laugh and play together. Even people who choose not to actively participate can be on the sidelines cheering others on.

Eggs in a Basket Race

The eggs in a basket race helps teach how to balance coordination and speed. Have the families line up on one side of a marker. You'll want to make sure all the families are even, so if one family has five people and another only has three, let the smaller family "borrow" a member of the larger family. Approximately 30 feet away, place a table with baskets labeled with each family's last name. Each family member will be given a hard boiled egg, and the family will share a soup spoon to carry the eggs. After you announce, "Ready, set, go!" the first member of each family will carry her egg in the spoon and deposit the egg in the basket. As soon as she returns with the spoon, the next member of the family will carry his egg to the basket in the spoon. The first family to fill the family egg basket wins the race.

Blind Hunt and Fetch

Blind hunt and fetch is not only fun, it teaches how to work as a team. You'll need two or three teams, with one member on each team blindfolded. Line the team members up on one side of a line. Toss a small ball or beanbag into the play area. One team at a time shouts directions, while the blindfolded members of both or all three teams hunt for the ball. Once someone finds the ball, he is given instructions on bringing it back to the group. Then the next person on each team is blindfolded, and the hunt and fetch starts again. Each time a blindfolded person brings the ball back to the team, that team earns a point. The team with the most points after everyone has a turn wins the game.

Blanket Volleyball

Blanket volleyball helps teach teamwork and is good for laughs. You'll need two teams with a minimum of four players on each side, a volleyball, a net and two large blankets. Team members can only hold onto the blanket and must never touch the ball. Place the volleyball in the middle of one of the blankets. To serve the ball, the team members must lower and lift the blanket, which should send the ball into the air. If it goes over the net, the other team must catch the ball in its blanket. If the team doesn't catch the ball in the blanket, the other team gets a point. If after three tries the team isn't able to launch the ball over the net, the other team gets to serve.