How to Clean Exercise Equipment

Cleaning exercise equipment takes a short amount of time but is necessary to prevent diseases that can be found on exercise equipment such as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), according to the American Council on Exercise. Gym members should routinely wipe down exercise equipment after use and gym employees should disinfect the equipment on a regular basis. When cleaning the equipment you have the opportunity to check for any other maintenance that may be needed.

Gym Members

Wipe down the piece of equipment you intend to use with a towel before you begin using it. Clean any area that your body will come in contact with. Most gyms provide towels for personal use.

Use the piece of equipment per the manufacturer’s directions. If the equipment becomes slick from your sweat, stop your exercise long enough to wipe off the slick areas.

Wipe down the equipment once you have finished exercising. Make sure you wipe up any sweat you have left on the machine.

Dispose of towels in the appropriate bin within the gym.

Gym Employees

Spray a commercial-grade disinfectant on the surface of the gym equipment. The disinfectant should be sprayed evenly across any surface with which gym members may come in contact.

Wipe the disinfectant up with a disposable towel. Ensure that every surface is wiped down completely. Throw away the disposable towel after cleaning each piece of equipment.

Repeat the disinfecting process on a routine basis or when there is an accident that results in blood loss. Consult the local health department to determine how often local authorities require equipment be cleaned.

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