Golf Grip to Cure Slicing

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If you play golf, you’ve probably sliced more than a few balls. Slices result from hitting shots with an open clubface, one that points to the right of the target line at impact for right-handed players. Fixing your slice means learning to square the clubface at impact. One of the simplest ways to do it is with a stronger grip that allows you to rotate the club in the downswing.

Left Hand Grip

To hit a ball straight, the back of your top hand -- the left hand for righties -- needs to point at the target at impact. When your club is behind the ball, you should see two or three knuckles on the left hand, and the V formed from the thumb and forefinger should point between your chin and your right shoulder. You should grip the club more in the fingers than the palm, and point your thumb down than the right side of the grip rather than straight down the top.

Right Hand Grip

You need to position your right hand so it can release the clubhead and square it at impact. Gripping the club in the fingers of the right hand will help you do that, according to instructor Hank Haney. If you can get the thumb pad on your right hand to sit on top of the thumb of your left, the hands can work together efficiently. The V formed by the thumb of the right hand should point at about the same spot as your left V.