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How to Get From the Right Side to the Left Side in the Golf Swing

Rotating fully through your swing and transferring weight properly is crucial to making powerful, accurate shots. Players who are unable to clear their left side and get their weight forward have difficulty making solid contact with the ball and quite frequently hit errant shots with a poorly angled club face. They also have to work much harder to gain the desired distance for any given shot. A little practice will help you to consistently transfer your weight at the right time and finish strong.

  1. Assume a ready golf stance without a club.

    Place your right hand on your left shoulder, and your left hand on your right shoulder.

    Make five to 10 rotations approximating the motion of the golf swing.

    Finish the backswing portion of this move with your back pointed at the target.

    Complete the follow through portion with your belt buckle pointed at the target.

  2. Using your 7 iron, make 10 to 15 practice swings.

    Finish each swing with a step toward the target with your right foot.

  3. Hit 20 to 25 golf balls with your 7 iron.

    Continue focusing on the full rotation.

    Complete each follow through with the step toward the target.

  4. Practice hitting golf balls without the step toward the target. If your weight is not squarely on your left side at follow-through, return to the step toward the target until you can transfer your weight consistently.


    Practicing the full shoulder rotation and follow through will assure that you are not "sliding" your weight back and forth, but creating rotation around your spine to derive power from the transfer of weight.

    Taking the step toward the target is a means by which you "force" your body in the right direction with an activity that's second nature: walking.

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Things Needed

  • 7 iron
  • Golf balls

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