Ideas for Sportsmanship Games for Kids

two boys practicing judo

Teaching good sportsmanship to your children is a vital thing that you must do as a parent. If your child mocks the other kids when they are victorious, no one will want to play with them. This also applies to children that throw temper tantrums or a fit when they are on the losing end of a game. There are a number of games and activities that parents can introduce to their children that will help them develop good sportsmanship, which is a quality they will use their whole life.

Martial Arts

One of the best ways to teach your child the basics of sportsmanship is to enroll him into a martial arts class. Martial arts not only focus on the skills of your child, but also the importance of teamwork. During lessons, the students will frequently work together in an effort to help one another master the techniques that they are being taught.

Martial arts also teach students about self-discipline by discouraging negative outbursts that often accompany bad sportsmanship. The sport teaches students that whether they win or loss, respect should always be shown to their opponents.

Relay Races

When a child is able to work together with other teammates, they are able to learn about sportsmanship better. Organizing a relay race with family members or other people in the neighborhood is an easy way for parents to stress the importance of sportsmanship at home. Relay races force children to work together with their partner. Since the outcome of a relay race depends on teamwork, teaching good sportsmanship will help reduce the blaming and finger pointing that can happen when a team loses.


When it comes to teaching the value of good sportsmanship to your children, soccer is a great choice. Soccer is an easy game that almost anyone can play, even the younger kids who may need to learn sportsmanship more than anyone. In order to be successful, the players on a soccer team are required to work together by setting up good shots and passing the ball to each other.

It is rare that the outcome of a soccer game is the result of one single player. If you can find a soccer game that doesn't use goalies, you will find that it is better for teaching the kids how to win gracefully and not be a sore loser. There are a number of leagues that don't even keep the scores of the games. Instead of concentrating on the score, the coaches are allowed to encourage each player on the team to cheer each other on and congratulate each other on the plays they make without having to worry about the score of the game.