The Power 90 Workout Plan

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Power 90 is a workout plan created by Tony Horton, a popular celebrity personal trainer. Horton designed this plan to transform your body through boot camp style workouts in around 30 minutes a day, which is the amount of exercise recommended by the American Heart Association. If you complete this program as outlined, you are guaranteed to change the way your body looks in 90 days. This fitness plan contains a variety of DVDs that contain different workouts to provide you with a total body workout system. Please consult your doctor before beginning any diet or fitness plan.


Power 90 comes with four sculpting workouts meant to help you develop lean muscle tissue. Lean muscle tissue burns more calories at rest than fat. This means that you will have a faster metabolism and will be likely to lose more weight over time. The workouts are designed so that they get harder as your fitness level progresses. Begin with level one and work up to level four. Levels one and two are 29 minutes long and levels three and four are 38 minutes long.


This program also comes with four cardio videos. These videos are meant to burn fat and calories. These videos are also designed to increase in difficulty as you become fit. Begin with level one and progress to level four. The first two levels are 36 minutes and the second two are 42 minutes long.


The Ab Ripper video contains two separate videos, level one and level two. These videos are only six minutes in length but contain a challenging abdominal workout. The video does not contain traditional abdominal crunches or sit-ups. Instead, the instructor teaches you new moves to engage the core and abdominal muscles. Begin with level one and when that workout is no longer challenging, move on to level two.

Meal Plan

This program contains a meal plan designed to help you lose weight and learn healthy eating habits. The plan comes with a grocery shopping list and recipes. These recipes allow you to keep eating your favorite foods. Unhealthy ingredients are replaced with more nutritious options. For example, white flour is replaced with whole wheat flour, which provides your body with more fiber. This will help you stay on your diet without feeling deprived.

Bonus Gifts

When you order Power 90, you receive several bonus gifts. You will get a resistance band to use in the sculpting program. You also receive a "jumpstart program" that includes workouts and meal plans designed to help you lose up to 10 pounds and 10 inches in only six days. In addition, you get a tape measure and card to track your progress.