How to Convert Golf Club Swing Speed to Distance

How to Convert Golf Club Swing Speed to Distance

Golfers who can hit their shots over longer distances have a big advantage over those who can’t. There is a relationship between golf club swing speed and carry distance, but other variables have an effect too. A fast swing will not translate to more distance if you have less control and miss the “sweet spot” when connecting club and ball. You need to train your body to generate more club swing speed to hit the ball further.

Loosen up your arms and upper body by doing a few shoulder shrugs. Do a few practice swings, starting with your arms relaxed and hanging down from your shoulders. For right-handers, the left arm and club reach their straightest point just past the impact point. Do not force your arms straight, but let centrifugal force stretch them out with the swinging motion.

Hit a set of five golf balls in quick succession. Concentrate on speed and not accuracy. Hit the first ball at your normal driver speed and make each of the next four hits quicker than the previous hit. Hit the last shot as quickly as possible. Recover for a few minutes and repeat another speed set of five balls. Perform two speed sets three times a week for one month and this should result in faster club swing speed and extra distance.

Practice making shots with lower trajectories, as these travel further. Try out different drivers and choose one with a lower loft. This will give less spin and more ball speed than one with a higher loft. Hit up on the ball from the inside and strike it slightly above the center of the face. Strike the ball a touch towards the toe -- as it travels faster than the heel of the club -- to give some extra distance. Practice frequently to develop muscle memory.