The Best Youth Basketball Shoes

What to Look For

Youth basketball shoes should all be high-top shoes. As kids are growing they are susceptible to injury when playing sports such as basketball that put great demand on the ankle area. High tops will support the ankle and prevent it from twisting. Youth basketball shoes should also fit the player snugly. A shoe that is too loose fitting will cause blisters and discomfort. Make sure the shoes have laces that can be pulled tight and even a Velcro strap around the top. It is helpful to have several features that ensure the fit of the shoe.

Common Pitfalls

Youth basketball shoes that do not have proper tread on the bottom is a common pitfall. Most basketball courts at the youth level are slippery and hard to keep your balance on. Having a shoe that allows you to cut quickly from side to side will be determined by the amount of tread on the shoe. A youth shoe with a good sole and tread will be about 1-inch thick. The bottom of the sole will not be smooth and flat but very coarse. The coarseness of the soul will allow it to grip the floor when starting and stopping.

Where to Buy

Youth basketball shoes can be bought at any local sporting goods store. The larger stores tend to have a large variety of colors, sizes, makes, and models. In addition, at a local sporting good store you can try the shoe on to see how it fits and check the comfort level. Youth basketball shoes can also be purchased online. Purchasing shoes online will allow you to get a better price as wholesale pricing is available from some companies. This is because these companies do not have a storefront to maintain so in turn they can charge lower prices. The down side is that you do not have the option of trying on the shoes before purchase when buying on the Internet.


Youth basketball shoes can cost anywhere between $50 and $110. The price difference is determined by the brand and popularity of the shoe. The most expensive youth shoes are endorsed by current NBA stars. This fact makes the shoes more expensive than shoes that are not endorsed.

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