Weider 9635 Types of Exercises


The Weider 9635 is a multi-station home gym. It has two weight stacks with two upright benches, a high and a low pulley, a leg lever, butterfly arms, a military press arm, a regular press-arm setup and a lat bar. If you have the space to store it, the Weider 9635 can help you meet the American College of Sports Medicine’s recommendations to do eight to 10 strength-training exercises twice a week. The 9635 measures 76 inches high by 89 inches wide by 64 inches long.

Chest Exercises

The Weider 9635 facilitates both a seated chest press and a seated chest fly, both of which primarily work your chest muscles. To do a chest press, sit down facing out on the bench with the regular press arm at about armpit height. Grip the press-arm handles, palms facing down, and push out. Then, bend your arms, allowing the press arm to come back toward you. Repeat.

Leg Exercises

The leg lever on the 9635 allows you to do both a standing leg curl and a seated leg extension. In order to either, you must first connect the low pulley cable to the leg lever with a cable clip.

You can also perform a leg press from the other bench. Sit down and place both feet on the leg press plate, knees bent at a 90-degree angle. Straighten your legs to press the plate away. Return to the starting position and repeat.

Back Exercises

The primary back exercise on the Weider 9635 is a lat pull-down. Attach the lat bar to the high cable, then pull the bar down toward your upper chest. You can also perform a pullover to work all your major back muscles and your chest muscles together: Sit down on the bench beneath the lat tower and scoot forward as far as possible. Reach up and grasp the lat bar in both hands, palms facing out. Swing your straight arms down in front of you. Return to the starting position and repeat.

Arm and Shoulder Exercises

Weight-stack machines like the Weider 9635 are designed primarily for working your large muscle groups: The chest, back and legs. Your arms and shoulders usually get a workout as you work your other upper-body muscles. But if you want a more concentrated shoulder and arm workout, the Weider 9635 offers a few options. You can use the lat bar and high pulley to do tricep pushdowns, and the low pulley to do bicep curls. The military press arm is designed to work both your triceps and shoulders. To do the military press, sit down on the bench beneath the high press arm, facing out. Place both hands on the press-arm handles, palms facing out, and press the handles straight up. Lower and repeat.